Pre-demolition Audits

Pre-demolition Audits

Pre demolition audits

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Pre-demolition audits identify opportunities for reclamation, re-use and recycling from a demolition process.  The end report will provide you with graphical displays on waste arisings that can be expected from the process, and a list of recommendations for reducing your waste disposal costs.

Pre-demolition audits are recommended by The Institute of Civil Engineers (The ICE Demolition Protocol) and can be requested for planning requirements. They are designed to highlight the potential for maximum material recovery through demolition and provide a bill of quantities of tonnages that will arise. A report will be produced detailing materials arisings as well as a list of suggested actions to be undertaken so that maximum material recovery is achieved.

The report includes information on the following: 

  • The potential for maximum material recovery through demolition
  • A Demolition bill of quantities, which identifies tonnages and potential applications of materials arising from demolition.
  • A set of recommendations for material segregation, considering the potential impact of contamination and the cost benefits for recovery and reclamation. 

Why Do You Need A Pre-demolition Audit?

Pre-demolition audits are a requirement for meeting BREEAM Wst 01 Construction Waste Management Standard. Find out more about this BREEAM standard.

To comply with BREEAM Wst 01 you may also need a Pre-refurbishment audit and a Site Waste Management Plan.

Some of our clients include Dust Architects, Chronicle Partners and the McLaren Group.

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