NRMM Registration

NRMM Registration

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The Greater London Authority has introduced strict standards to reduce emissions of pollutants from Non-Road Mobile Machinery (NRMM) carrying out construction and demolition activities. This new GLA Standard caps emissions for both nitrogen oxide and particulate matter, and applies to all NRMM with a power rating between 37KW and 560KW. 

The first phase came into effect on 1st September 2015 with the second phase being introduced in September 2020. The local authorities will implement the NRMM Low Emission Zone (LEZ) by requiring information to be included in an Air Quality Management Plan (AQMP), or imposing additional Planning Conditions, or Section 106 Agreements.

What is the NRMM Low Emission Zone (LEZ)?

This is defined as Greater London, the London Central Activity Zone and Canary Wharf. The London Central Activity Zone encompasses a large area of Central London; for the exact boundaries visit:

What is the NRMM Register?

It is a register of all Non-Road Mobile Machinery used on major development sites within the LEZ, where the machinery power rating is between 37KW and 560KW. This register is available for the Local Authorities to scrutinise.

Who Needs to Register?

All Major Development Sites within the LEZ active after September 2015 (even if they commenced prior to this date) must register the NRMM being used on site, whether the Plant is owned or hired in.

A Major Development Site is defined as either: 

  • A residential development of 10 dwellings or more, (or where a number is not given, a site area in excess of 0.5 Ha)
  • A non-residential development with a floor space of 1000m, or a site area of 1 Ha or more

What Plant / Machinery Qualifies as NRMM?

NRMM is defined as any mobile machine, item of transportable industrial equipment, or vehicle – with or without bodywork that is: not intended for carrying passengers or goods on the road and installed with a combustion engine (either an internal spark ignition (SI) petrol engine, or a compression ignition diesel engine) and has a power rating between 37KW and 560KW.

Some examples are: generators, bulldozers, pumps, diggers, industrial trucks, fork lifts and mobile cranes, but some more powerful ‘hand tools’ may also qualify.

How will NRMM Registration be Enforced?

The Local Authority will check to see if a site is registered and then view all NRMM listed, to ensure that the site is compliant. If a site is not registered then the developer will be in breach of the planning conditions or s106 agreements. An Enforcement Officer will visit the site to check the information registered is correct and up-to-date and that all the NRMM comply. If, for any reason, any items do not comply the Enforcement Officer will advise the site manager of the options available to make such items compliant. If on subsequent site visits the equipment still does not comply, further enforcement action will be taken and this could include not signing off planning conditions and s106 agreements, causing delays and possible financial penalties to the developer.

How WPSCC Can Help

As a specialist compliance consultancy, our experienced consultants can work with you on a fully- or partially-managed solution. 

A fully-managed solution will Include:

  • Site visit to ascertain which NRMM need to be registered
  • Registering the site
  • Checking NRMM are compliant and offering solutions if they are not
  • Registering of qualifying, compliant NRMM items and compiling the Initial Site Log
  • Updating the register and Site Log when new NRMM items are brought on site
  • Quarterly audits of NRMM on-site, registrations and Site Log to ensure compliance, together with reporting any issues arising
  • Liaison with the Local Authority
  • Accompanying any audit by local Authority Enforcement Officers

A partially-managed solution will include:

  • Site visit to ascertain which NRMM need to be registered 
  • Registering the site
  • Checking NRMM are compliant and offering solutions if they are not.
  • Registering of qualifying, compliant NRMM items and compiling the Initial Site Log
  • Instruction in how to check NRMM are compliant
  • 6-monthly audits of NRMM on-site, registrations and Site Log to ensure compliance, together with reporting any issues arising
  • Accompanying any audit by local Authority Enforcement Officers if required

NRMM Site Compliance Training

  • As a Site Manager you can learn everything you need to know to Do-It -Yourself.

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