DRIM Workshop Summary

DRIM Workshop

On 28th June 2016 we welcomed 23 delegates from across the construction and demolition industry to our inaugural DRIM workshop in Green Park, Reading.  

The purpose of the workshop was to engage with and work alongside professionals to crystallise the challenges faced in the industry when it comes to reclaiming and reusing demolition materials.  Lack of education, concerns about cost and perceived risks were all raised as issues during the day.  We then addressed how the DRIM tool could be developed in order to meet these challenges.  We also explored what it would need to contain in order to be of use to the delegates representing their industries.

Another key aim of the workshop was to determine the availability of materials data to the industry at present.  It was agreed that although there is a lot of information out there, there is no single, coherent source.  Generating a database of materials and keeping it up to date with live figures from the industry would be a challenge, one the DRIM team is eager to take on.

“Gaining the views of experienced industry professionals is a vital part of the development process of our tool, and it was excellent to be able to work with individuals who have such a breadth of shared knowledge”, said John Henry Looney, Director of Sustainable Direction Ltd., a partner in the DRIM project.  “The delegates represented most segments of this diverse industry sector, including: developers, surveyors, building consultants, architects, contractors, building control, demolition industry bodies, waste handlers, BIM experts, manufacturers and academic institutions, so we were able to call upon a wide range of expertise and experience and get to the heart of their day to day challenges.  We hope to address these and make a product that the industry will adopt”. 

Lara Ayris, Managing Director of WPS, and Project Manager of the DRIM development project, added: “It was impressive that so many influential and experienced people gave up their time to contribute to our research. Also, I would like to say a special thank you to SECBE for assisting with the invitations and organisation of the day”.
In summary, a very constructive day was had by all and we would like to thank all the attendees for their contributions.

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