• We first used Waste Plan Solutions (WPS) to prepare a Noise, Dust and Vibration Plan and interface it with a problematic Construction Management Plan for a London project. We were extremely pleased with their speed of response and flexibility of working and the revised documents were accepted after just 2 minor ‘tweaks’. We are now using their Site Waste Management Plan (SWMP) software WastePlan on the same project and are again finding the level of support and assistance exemplary. The only negative is we wish we had involved them sooner in the project.


    Site Waste Management Plans Regulations 2008

    - Liz King, DDC Ltd
  • I’ve spent a great deal of time with Lara as part of a local entrepreneurial circle. She’s a dynamo of inspiration. Every month when we met up I would be astounded at what she had achieved. When Lara sets herself a goal she knuckles down and works hard to deliver her dreams. Her passion for her business and the construction industry is evident. She’s a role-model to everyone in Waste Plan Solutions, The Circle of Influence Entrepreneurial Group and the construction industry.

    - Lisa Wright, Entrepreneur and Creative Writer

    Since the introduction of the SWMP Regulations 2008 our organization has strived to embrace not only the legislative requirements but also the underlying ethos. In embarking on a partnered approach with Waste Plan Solutions Ltd we have benefited from their extensive experience and successfully managed to develop and implement systems to comply with the Regulation requirements and also to contribute positively to best practice operations resulting in significant project cost reductions.

    Support from Waste Plan solutions Ltd has been tailored to our business needs and provided with considerable knowledge consistently delivered in an enthusiastic and professional manner. Without such support we undoubtedly would have encountered greater difficulty in achieving our aims, passed over the commercial benefits and would not have received commendations from the Environment Agency for our approach and level of implementation.

    - D. Wallace, Northamptonshire, Watson and Cox
  • The SWMP training I received from Waste Plan Solutions Ltd was both comprehensive and effective, resulting in my existing knowledge being significantly enhanced. Moreover, the excellent support I received from Waste Plan Solutions Ltd after the training had been delivered was equally beneficial.

    - Jason Rose, Large Construction Company
  • Waste Plan Solutions Ltd has enabled us to incorporate SWMPs into all of our developments with a seamless transition. Not only has this ensured we are fully legally compliant, but we also hope to see significant cost savings in all aspects of our operations next year.

    - Ashford Homes (SW) Ltd, Melksham
  • Waste Plan Solutions Ltd provide a structured and logical programme of the SWMP 2008 legislative requirements and 'best practice' techniques based upon their knowledge and expertise in this area of environmental management which is of critical importance to client, consultant and contractor alike.

    - Adams Smith Consulting, Northhamptonshire
  • We have been very impressed at the standard and quality of service we received by Waste Plan Solutions.  They not only ensured we met our legal responsibilities but, through some innovative thinking, found a solution to the waste carpet tiles problem. The most advantageous aspect of the solution, from our point of view, was the low impact on site operations.  In addition it greatly enhanced our relationship with our client as they operate a very strong environmental policy.

    - Nigel Bailey, Hertford, EME Ltd.
  • Watson & Cox (Construction) Ltd have developed an excellent working relationship with Waste Plan Solutions whilst integrating Site Waste Management Plans into our Construction Phase activities.  Waste Plan Solutions have provided a high level of training and support during this period, and we have benefitted greatly from their experience and efficiency.

    - Rebekah Adams, Northamptonshire, Watson and Cox
  • Lara is a very knowledgeable individual, and she is passionate about her chosen career. She makes light work of an otherwise tedious and time consuming subject, resulting in concise and well-presented documentation which will clearly stand up to the closest scrutiny

    - Andy Burt, Northampton, Warwick Burt Construction
  • Lara Ayris, Managing Director of Waste Plan Solutions Limited gave a  presentation to the Notts Construction Forum (NCF) Breakfast Briefing in March 2011.  The subject was “Profit from your Waste Treatment-A Case Study”  This was very well received indeed.  As a presentation, it was very well researched, there was excellent clarity of slides on the Powerpoint presentation, and it was expertly delivered.  Altogether, Lara held the attention of her audience throughout, and she proved to be highly articulate in delivery.  All in all, it was a pleasure to work with Lara and her material was highly relevant in today’s more environmentally conscious construction world.

    - Ron Glen, Nottingham, Nottingham Construction Forum